Biodegradable wetting agent with very low foam


AG6206 is a low foaming alkylglucoside, excelling in high caustic and high cloudpoint formulations.

Readily biodegradable and approved by CleanGredients and Safer Choice.


Non-ionic surfactants have more or less been synonymous with alkyl alkoxylates. Today another group of non-ionic surfactants, the alkylglucosides, have created a growing interest, not only because of environmental considerations but also because of their very special performance.

AG 6206 from Nouryon has:

Hydrotropic effect.

Very good solubility in high caustic.

Based on a short chained alcohol.

75% active matter.

Applications: Low toxic applications, CIP (Cleaning In Place) ,high alkaline cleaning, machine dishwashing, all purpose cleaning, PET-cleaning (no stress cracking), deemulsification, vehicle cleaning.

Possible replacement to:

Alkyl alkoxylates.

Alternative type: Chemical substitute
Technical Function: Surfactant
Sector of Use: SUX2 - Household chemicals
Material Article Category: AC00 - Other
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: Greenscreen for safer chemicals , CleanGredients

Company name: Nouryon
Company website:
Contact name: Nouryon

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