Pationic® High performance polymer additive solutions


The Pationic portfolio offers a wide range of biobased polymer additives that enable trouble free processing and deliver enhanced final polymer product properties.


With a wide range of functionalities, leading polymer producers, compounders and concentrate manufacturers count on polymer additives to deliver results.  PATIONIC® polymer additives are used as lubricants, dispersants, blocking agents and acid neutralizers, anti-static, mold release and anti-fog agents. Corbion offers high purity lactylates and mono/di-glycerides with different degrees of saturation and physical forms available. Our small particle distribution offers application advantages like a more homogenous layer when applied around EPS beads.

Possible replacement to:

GRINDSTED®, SOFT-N-SAFE™, Atmer™, Einar® , Armostat®, DIMODAN® , TEGOMER®

Alternative type: Chemical substitute
Technical Function: Surfactant
Sector of Use: SU01 - Agriculture, forestry, fishery , SU02b - Offshore industries , SUX4 - Personal care and cosmetics
Material Article Category: AC00 - Other
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: Prop 65, compliant

Company name: Corbion
Company website:
Contact name: Bob van de Gender

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