Useful links and resources

SUBSPORT – Lots of successful substitution cases

Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) – Massachusetts

  • CleanerSolutions Database – provides information about safer alternatives to hazardous solvents for surface cleaning.
  • Chemical Databases. A list of databases on chemical characteristics, preferred products, undesirable materials, and other related databases.
  • Finding Environmental, Health and Safety Information. Provides links to resources on environmental, health and safety data on chemicals.

OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment Toolbox (SAAT)

  • Inventory of chemical hazard assessment tools and data sources to help identify suitable tools to use. A listing of non-hazard assessment tools is also available.
  • A summary of the current frameworks that can be used to assess alternatives.
  • Links to case studies, toolkits, and product rating systems that provide examples, insights, and lessons learned on substitution and alternatives assessment approaches.
  • A list of regulations and restrictions throughout OECD member countries that are driving the increased need for chemical substitution

BizNGO – NGO Clean Production Action’s business network

California’s Safer Consumer Products (CSCP) Program

Safer Choice Programme – USEPA (formely: Design for Environment)

Green Screen for Safer Chemicals

Sustainability Hotspot Scan for chemical products – Allows SMEs with little data to estimate the sustainability in their value chain.