good natured Plant-Based Compost Bins


Compost collectors are made with 90% plant-based materials.


Our compost collectors are made with 90% plant-based materials instead of petroleum. Imagine that! They also contain no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty chemicals. They're built with extra deep with a carbon filter for mounds of scraps and less stink and are ultra durable & super scrubbable in sporty Graphite.

Made with I'm Green™ Polyethylene 90% bio-based material as tested by ASTM D6866.

good natured Products Inc.
Alternative type: Alternative material
Sector of Use: SU12 - Manufacture of plastics products, including compounding and conversion
Material Article Category: AC13 - Plastic articles
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: USDA BioPreferred Certified

Company name: good natured Products Inc.
Company website:
Contact name: Andy Phillips


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