World's first bio-based, non-antimicrobial, non-silver odor control technology


HeiQ continues to redefine freshness for textile by introducing the world’s first bio-based, non-antimicrobial, non-silver-based textile odor control technology – HeiQ Fresh FFL, which is based on a biopolymer derived from 100% renewable source. This wash-resistant, biodegradable textile finishing stops bad smell before it emerges on textile.


HeiQ Fresh FFL is a non-antimicrobial alternative to traditional odor control in textiles. This sustainable, fully biomass-derived Amino-Sugar-Polymer functions by binding proteins and other sweat components that can cause odor. The HeiQ Fresh FFL biopolymer supports ready removal of these sweat components during home laundering. As a non-antimicrobial solution to odor control the regulatory obligations normally associated with biocides are of no relevance when applying HeiQ Fresh FFL on garments and other textile products.

Possible replacement to:

Odor control solutions based on silver ions

HeiQ Materials
Alternative type: Technical or process solution
Technical Function: Finishing agents
Sector of Use: SU05 - Manufacture of textiles, leather, fur
Material Article Category: AC05 - Fabrics, textiles and apparel

Company name: HeiQ Materials
Company website:
Contact name: Eric Argast

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