Whiteboard Renew - safe and effective remover


Powerful remover product from remooble™ that removes marks, ghosting, gunk and permanent marker from dry erase surfaces.

Formulated through green chemistry and clean ingredients, Whiteboard Renew is a non-toxic and effective solution that is safe for the environment and for humans.

Simply spray and wipe away to restore old whiteboards, dry-erase painted surfaces, dry-erase books, calendars, and more.


Suitable for melamine, porcelain and glass whiteboards and dry erase painted areas. Great at cleaning dry erase books, calendars and more.

Safe for frequent home, classroom and office use.


  • Purified Water
  • Bio and Safe Solvents
  • Surfactants
  • Bio-Thickeners

remooble™ is a remover products company founded on sustainability and the promise of safe products that work.

Possible replacement to:

Toxic remover products

Alternative type: Alternative material
Technical Function: Cleaning agent
Sector of Use: SUX2 - Household chemicals
Material Article Category: AC00 - Other

Company name: remooble™
Company website: https://remooble.com/
Contact name: Bart Engendahl



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