Tidal Clear is the sustainable solution for all kinds of water treatment


Tidal Clear uses chitosan which is safe and non-toxic.

It is an ideal eco-friendly flocculant for water clarification applications due to its ability to bind to a variety of organic and inorganic particulates.

Removal of suspended solids, dyes, heavy metals, and other pollutants is facilitated with chitosan.

Aggregation and flocculation by chitosan occur because of the unique pH-sensitive and strong hydrophilic nature of chitosan.


Works well in solution at acidic, neutral and alkaline pH conditions.

After aggregation and flocculation chitosan can be removed via filtration or sedimentation; leaving clarified water behind without any residual toxic chemicals.

Benefits with chitosan: Natural and biodegradable, works with all types of soil, floc and sludge is potentially recyclable, instant residual testing and dose rate calculation, and high strength floc.

Possible replacement to:

Synthetic and inorganic polymers.