Elevance Unify® 270


Reduce paint emissions by replacing high VOC coalescing agents with Elevance Unify® 270 while maintaining film performance. Market Applications include:

  • Waterborne Paints & Coatings


Coalescing agents in a paint formula enable good film formation. Traditional coalescing agents evaporate after the film has properly formed creating substantial VOC emissions, whereas zero VOC coalescing agents stay in the film, often adversely impacting film properties such as block and scrub resistance. Elevance Unify® 270 is a high-performing, semi-volatile material which has exceptional efficiency as a coalescing agent across a wide range of resins. This increased efficiency, combined with its semi-volatility, can enable formulators to reduce a paint’s VOC by up to 50% compared to the leading high VOC coalescing agent on the market.

Possible replacement to:

Low and zero VOC coalescing agents

Elevance Renewable Sciences

Company name: Elevance Renewable Sciences
Company website: http://www.elevance.com
Contact name: Steve Block


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