Recycrom – Sustainable dyeing solution using 100% recycled clothing


Recycrom is a revolutionary sustainable dyeing solution made of 100% recycled clothing, fibrous material and textile scraps. By a sophisticated process, Officina +39 has developed a system to reprocess the scraps and transform textile fiber into colored powder. In contrast to other dyes, Recycromis applied as a suspension and not as part of a chemical solution – cutting environmental impact. 


Recycrom creates a full range of pigment powders from used clothing and manufacturing waste. The fabric fibers are crystalized into an incredibly fine powder that can be used as a pigment dye for fabrics and garments made of cotton, wool, nylon or any natural fiber and blend. Recycrom can be applied using various methods: exhaustion dyeing, dipping, spray, screen printing and coating. Brands can collaborate with Officina+39 to make custom dyes from their own scraps and textile waste.

Key Features: 

  • Using better chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for cotton, wool and nylon. 
  • Full range of pigment powder in various colors.

Practical implementation:

OVS, an Italian retailer, already produced a collection of more than 10K garments for their stores and a new production is running for next season. G-STAR Raw is producing 20K garments using Recycrom for the next season.

Possible replacement to:

Pigment and conventional synthetic dyestuffs for textile industry and garments dyeing.

Alternative type: Alternative material
Technical Function: Dye
Sector of Use: SU05 - Manufacture of textiles, leather, fur
Material Article Category: AC05 - Fabrics, textiles and apparel
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: ZDHC MRSL

Company website:
Contact name: ANDREA VENIER



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