Puralact® B3 sustainable lactide monomer for coating resins


PURALACT® B3 is a unique, high purity cyclic di-ester monomer based on L-lactide. PURALACT® B3 will undergo a ring opening reaction in the presence of  hydroxyl groups (initiator) and a catalyst, producing a 2° hydroxyl - and acid-group, to be built into resins.


PURALACT B3 in polyester, polyester polyols and alkyd resins allows to obtain viscosity reduction and higher yield. In the paint, PURALACT B3 helps to lower VOC by reducing the need for solvents, to reduce drying time  and improved toughness. The use of PURALACT B3 reduces the carbon footprint of the paint.

Possible replacement to:

Conventional monomers

Alternative type: Chemical substitute
Technical Function: Processing aid , Resins (prepolymers) , Viscosity modifier
Sector of Use: SU09 - Manufacture of fine chemicals , SU00 - Other
Material Article Category: AC00 - Other
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: Prop 65, compliant

Company name: Corbion
Company website: http://www.corbion.com/
Contact name: Sophia Boujenah

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