OrganoWood; Environmentaly friendly wood & woodprotection

OrganoWood is perfect for public Environments as well as private properties. Kindergardens, schools, parks, housing and much more. Protected Wood for cladding, decking, fencing etc. * Silver-gray finish * Durable * Minimum maintenance * Free from harmful Chemicals * Environmentally Friendly

OrganoWood offers the next generation of environmentally friendly wood protection to fire and fungal attacks. Through its proprietary technology which mimics the natural fossilization process, the wood is modified by the attachment of protective silicon compounds to the wood fibers. The company supplies both ready-to-use OrganoWood®-modified wood and liquid products for own application. Wood free from both biocides and heavy metals which neither burn nor rot is now possible with OrganoWood®.

Practical implementation

Västerås beachparadise becomes more beautiful with age From Västerås city is a short walk to Lögastrand, who received a face lift in summer 2014. Today we see how the wooden deck, built in 2014 has been mineralized and become beautiful silvery gray. The bridges were built with decking of the environmentally friendly timber OrganoWood®. - One aspect to choosing the usual impregnated wood is that we are obliged to send grated timber disposal. This means a cost to both your wallet and the environment, says Frida. The timber is partially fossilized off makes it a little harder, but it does not affect the actual construction. This is like sawing and nail or screw in wood which time, says Frida North Lundh, architect of the city of Västerås who was with the choice of solution.

Possible replacement to

Traditional pressure treated Wood, ceder cladding, hard wood, tropical Wood, fossilbased Products for Wood treatment. Copper treated Wood.

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Jens Hamlin

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