Mild and creamy surfactant for skin and haircare products


Elfan® AT 84 is an easy to use non-ethoxylated sulfate-free anionic surfactant. It provides good cleansing and is extremely gentle on skin with an excellent dermatological profile.

It provides rich, creamy foam for superior cleansing - even in hard water. Skin and scalp maintain a very healthy and conditioned look, with minimal impact on the skin barrier.

Elfan® AT 84 is based on a vegetable fatty acid and is readily biodegradable and approved by CleanGredients and US EPA's Safer Choice.


Application areas: Shampoo, 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner, Mousse, Bath and Shower Gel, 2-in-1 Shower Gel/Body Lotion, Body Wash, Facial Wash, Liquid Hand Soap, Syndet and Combi Soap Bar, Baby Cleanser, Shaving Cream, and Toothpaste.

Benefits: Excellent dermatological profile, dense creamy lather, superior skin cleansing, low impact on skin barrier, lime soap dispersancy, non-dusty granules for easy handling, extreme smoothness without grittiness for micronized quality, elegant after-feel, readily biodegradable.

Possible replacement to:

Toxic surfactants.

Alternative type: Chemical substitute
Technical Function: Surfactant
Sector of Use: SUX4 - Personal care and cosmetics
Material Article Category: AC00 - Other
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: Safer Choice (previously Design for the Environment) , CleanGredients

Company name: Nouryon
Company website:
Contact name: Nouryon


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