HeiQ Eco Dry – Durable water repellency (DWR) without fluorine (non-PFC)


High-performing, sustainable and durable water-repellency, no fluorine (no PFOA, no PFOS), formaldehyde-free.

Exceptional efficiency and durability (100% DWR performance up to 50 washings depending on fiber type).

Complies with EU REACH, US TSCA, JP METI, ZDHC and most RSL regulations.


HeiQ Eco Dry is an innovative, eco-friendly and non-PFC based repellent textile technology that provides protection against water and water-based stains. Bio-inspired HeiQ Eco Dry keeps garments ecologically dry and equips textiles to handle wet weather conditions.

HeiQ Eco Dry is ideally suited for outdoor jackets, windbreakers, hiking pants, fleece and footwear. That’s good news for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, who can look forward to staying dry no matter how wet and wild the weather gets.

HeiQ Eco Dry is among the most effective non-PFC water repellent textile technologies on market, capable of achieving water repellency performance identical to or better than PFC C6 levels.

Practical implementation:

HeiQ Eco Dry is used by major international sports and outdoor brands. Never happy with the status quo, HeiQ and Patagonia are currently teamed up for an exclusive strategic research partnership to increase DWR performance even further and explore novel ways for a sustainable textile finishing technology.

Possible replacement to:

PFC-based water repellents

HeiQ Materials
Technical Function: Finishing agents
Sector of Use: SU05 - Manufacture of textiles, leather, fur
Material Article Category: AC05 - Fabrics, textiles and apparel
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: Bluesign , Oeko-Tex Standard , ZDHC MRSL

Company name: HeiQ Materials
Company website: https://heiq.com/
Contact name: Paul Middleton




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