FluidWorker replaces toxic biocides used in process fluids in the metalworking industry


FluidWorker 100 contains completely new patented technology that solves some of the most challenging challenges of UV purification of process fluid. The workshop's small cutting fluid tanks should only work but, in reality, they are increasingly affected by bacterial outbreaks. The life of the cutting fluid becomes shorter and the safety routines are more floating. Therefore, Wallenius Water Innovation has developed the UV-cleaner FluidWorker 100 which is equipped with self-cleaning technology, which means that it is basically maintenance free while the price has been pressed down. Like previous FluidWorkers, bacteria are reduced in cutting fluid and other process fluids by irradiating the liquid with UV-C, which reacts with the bacteria's DNA and causes the cells to not multiply. The bacteria are kept at a constant low level, ensuring a stable production and a long life cycle of the liquid.


Practical implementation:

https://www.walleniuswater.com/case/ssab https://www.walleniuswater.com/sv/case/siemens https://www.walleniuswater.com/case/atlas-copco https://www.walleniuswater.com/case/outokumpu