Explore a New Family of Bio-Based Specialty Polyols -- Elevance C18™ Polyols


Explore a new family of bio-based specialty polyols with high performance and a low viscosity profile that enables zero VOC and high solids formulations. Market applications include:

Adhesives and Coatings (Solvent and Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD))


Elevance C18™ Polyols represent a new class of high-performance, bio-based polyester building blocks useful in a wide range of polyurethane applications. Elevance C18™ Polyols have high overall performance compared to traditional polyols (polyesters & polyethers) and other specialty polyols (polycarbonate & polycaprolactone) including high tensile and tear strength, solvent resistance, and hydrolytic stability, while maintaining high biobased carbon content (60 – 100%).

Possible replacement to:

Traditional polyols (polyesters & polyethers) and other specialty polyols (polycarbonate & polycaprolactone)

Elevance Renewable Sciences

Company name: Elevance Renewable Sciences
Company website: http://www.elevance.com
Contact name: Steve Block

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