Exolit® OP non-halogenated flame retardants – Patented chemistry for more safety


The Exolit® OP products are phosphorus-based flame retardants that allow polyamide and polyester compounds to achieve stringent fire safety standards such as the UL94- V0 rating down to thin thicknesses and for all colors.


Exolit® OP non-halogenated flame retardants are white, fine-grained powders. The products are non-hygroscopic and insoluble in water as well as in organic solvents. Clariant’s Exolit® OP flame retardants for polyamides and polyesters are all based on aluminium diethyl-phosphinate (= DEPAL). The pure substance DEPAL is sold as Exolit® OP 1230 for polyamides and Exolit® OP 1240 for polyesters. They can be used on their own or as a building block in synergistic combinations. Clariant sells the pure flame retardants as well as ready-to-use synergistic blends, such as Exolit® OP 1400. The Exolit® OP product family was the pioneer in non-halogenated flame retardants that could withstand the demanding requirements of high end segment of engineering plastics.

• Exolit® OP based compounds are cost-competitive to brominated formulations, because of the high efficiency and low density of Exolit®
• Compounds containing Exolit® OP achieve CTI up to 600 V, allowing miniaturization and complex designs
• Demanding heat aging requirements can be met with Exolit® OP based compounds (RTI)
• Lower smoke density and toxicity make compounds with Exolit® suitable for electrical parts in rolling stock
• Exolit® OP can be used for all color compounds
• Exolit® OP has a favorable environmental and health profile that is conform with RoHS and WEEE
• Mechanical properties with Exolit® OP flame retardants are on comparable level to conventional brominated compounds.
• Exolit® OP has been awarded the EcoTain label - Clariant's approach to highlight sustainable products

Aluminum diethylphosphinate (CAS No. 225789-38-8) was assigned a GreenScreen Benchmark ™ Score of 3 in October 2016.

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Brominated Polystyrene CAS No. 88497-56-7 Decabromo Diphenyloxide CAS No. 1163-19-5 Decabromo Diphenylethane CAS No. 84852-53-9 Brominated Polyacrylate CAS No. 59447-57-3 Brominated Epoxy Polymer CAS No. 68928-70-1


Company name: Clariant
Contact name: Elmar Schmitt


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