Everzol® Black PF and Eco – New reactive black dyes for cellulosic textiles


Everlight Chemical has developed Everzol® Black PF and Eco, two new generation eco-friendly reactive black dyes that can be used on a range of cellulosic textiles including cotton, rayon and lyocell.


Everzol® Black PF & ECO are new generation reactive black dyes designed for "energy saving, green production.” Smaller quantities of dyes are required to achieve the desired shade, higher fixation leaves less colour in the effluent and lower water temperatures and easy wash-off uses less energy and water during manufacturing. Some dyes are made using the dye intermediate contained para chloro aniline (PCA) and this azo derivative is present on many brand restricted substance lists.The para chloro aniline PCA content in the Everzol® Black PF & ECO both meet the limit requirements for hazardous substances in the production and processing of textiles, including Oeko-Tex Std 100, Bluesign, GOTS, the ZDHC MRSL and many brand owned RSL’s. With the Everzol® Black PF series, the PCA amount in Dye is not detected. With the Everzol® Black ECO series, the PCA content in Dye is between 5-50ppm.

Possible replacement to:

Reactive black dyes that may contain residual amounts of PCA (Para Chloroaniline, CAS Number: 106-47-8)

Everlight Chemical
Alternative type: Chemical substitute
Technical Function: Dye
Sector of Use: SU05 - Manufacture of textiles, leather, fur
Material Article Category: AC05 - Fabrics, textiles and apparel
Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: Bluesign , Safer Choice (previously Design for the Environment) , Global Organic Textile Standard , Oeko-Tex Standard , Prop 65, compliant , ZDHC MRSL

Company name: Everlight Chemical
Company website: http://www.ecic.com.tw
Contact name: Amy Huang

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