ESTISOL 190 is recommended as alternative to orange terpene and d-limonene in formulated chemical products such as industrial cleaners. ESTISOL 190 can be applied in aqueous and non-aqueous products.

ESTISOL 190 is label-free, non-VOC, and readily biodegradable


High-boiling , polar solvent with excellent solvency power.

ESTISOL 190 has proven performance in noumerous applications in formulated, chemical products.

Possible replacement to:

d-limonene, aromatic solvents, aliphatic solvents.

Esti Chem A/S
Technical Function: Solvent
Sector of Use: SU06b - Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products , SU00 - Other , SUX2 - Household chemicals
Material Article Category: AC00 - Other

Company name: Esti Chem A/S
Company website:
Contact name: Thomas Mathiesen

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