pH control in swimming pools with carbon dioxide


A clean and safe alternative to harsh solvents for pH correction.


Historically, pH control has been carried out with harsh solvents (mineral acids) that can be dangerous to handle. Carbon dioxide offers a clean and safe alternative for pH correction. When dissolved in water, CO2 reacts to form carbonic acid, a weak acid capable of safely reducing the pH to the desired value. Recuperated from natural processes, it is also an environmentally friendly solution.

​Benefits of Using CO2 as a pH-reducing Agent :

- Chlorine gas fumes removal

- Less maintenance costs

- Precise pH control

- Reduced chloramines generation

Possible replacement to:

Chlorine-based disinfectants, such as NaClO

Air Products
Alternative type: Chemical substitute , Technical or process solution
Technical Function: pH regulating agent , Disinfectant
Sector of Use: SU00 - Other

Company name: Air Products
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