Biodegradable Loose Fill – FARMfill


FARMfill is a loose fill that alternates the traditional loose fill produced from expanded polystyrene. This product is made completely from corn and contains no petroleum based ingredients.


FARMfill is a pourable filling material for packages.
- Produced from corn.
- It is cylindrical shaped with dimensions of around 2,5x1,5 cm.
- They are white and odorless.
- Perfect suitable for use in silosystems.
- Completely safe for humans and animals.
- DIN EN 13432 certification (compostable).
- FARMfill is antistatic.
- Dissolves in contact with water, however it can handle a 90% humidity.

Possible replacement to:

Loose fill made from polystyrene. Sealed air bags (PET - Polyethylene). Kraft paper.