Alternative thermal paper - without developer


Point-Of-Sales receipts for retailers with high requirements for sustainabilility standards
> Long-life retail receipts
> Printouts for medicinal analyses, drug testing, etc.
> Persistent receipts for taxis, gas stations or applications that need archiving
> Thermal print-outs in direct contact with food


The innovative Ökobon® thermal paper consists of a first-class basic paper from sustainable forestry. Ökobon®  was specially developed for this forward-looking type of thermal technology. The coating reacts to the heat of the thermal printhead. In contrast to existing thermal papses, it contains fine bubbles, which collapse by selective heat transfer of the thermal printer. Through this purely physical reaction, the underlying black layer is made visible, thus creating the typeface on the receipt. Therefore it is produced without chemicals known as color former or developer.

Because of its mode of action, Ökobon® has additional outstanding features:
> very high image stability, above standards for any non-top-coat-thermal paper
> more than 100 years archivability
> oil- and water resistant-sunlight resistant: storage possible without fading
> plastcizer resistant: storage possible in plasic covers
> safe against falsification: no way to remove the printed image
> adaptable in existing printers: a real drop-in solution

Possible replacement to:

Thermal papers using bisphenols or other questionable chemicals as developers

Ökobon GmbH
Technical Function: Other
Sector of Use: SU07 - Printing and reproduction of recorded media , SU20 - Health services , SU00 - Other , SUX1 - Food contact materials
Material Article Category: AC08 - Paper articles

Company name: Ökobon GmbH
Company website:
Contact name: Oliver Unseld




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