AVITERA® SE: A Sustainable Step Change in the Dyeing of Cotton


AVITERA® SE is the first range of reactive dyes to be free from restricted arylamines. Crucially, this covers para-chloroaniline (PCA), a hazardous dyeing by-product that poses risks to people.

Fabrics dyed with AVITERA® SE dyes thus comply with the environmental requirements of leading brands and retailers. This helps mills maintain a positive image and boost the value of their brand while increasing yield, improving productivity and reducing processing costs.

PCA, current detection limit 5ppm


AVITERA® SE: A revolutionary breakthrough

AVITERA® SE innovative dyes is the answer and game changer that meets the environmental standards of the world’s best clothing brands while increasing yield, improving productivity and reducing processing costs.

AVITERA® SE dyes are poly-reactive dyes that ensure rapid and very high exhaustion for cotton and other cellulosic fibers and their blends. More of the dye is absorbed by the fabric, using less salt with less than 7% of the absorbed dye remaining unfixed, compared to between 15% and 30% of conventional reactive dyes. The unfixed dye is also easier to remove at lower washing-off temperatures, as it is not bound to the fabric fibers in a high-salt solution. As a result, processing mills can dramatically increase productivity, since the dyeing and washing-off cycles are substantially shorter, while also making significant savings. Less water and salt are required and energy consumption and CO2 emissions are greatly reduced because water used in the dyeing and washing-off process never exceeds 60°C.

Practical implementation

AVITERA® SE: A Sustainable Solution in the Dyeing of Cotton Using standard dyeing equipment with conventional reactive systems takes an average of 30-40 liters of water and in some cases up to 100 liters, to dye and finish 1kg of knitted cotton (excluding pre-treatment and finishing). The AVITERA® SE dye range reduces this to 15-20 liters/kg, thereby delivering water savings of up 50%. AVITERA® SE also improves production efficiency and offers good color fastness. The wash-off process requires a lower temperature of about 60°C, instead of closer to 100°C compared to conventional washing off, due to the high fixation rate of the dyes, low affinity of the unfixed dyestuff and the design of the molecule.Less water is required and the washing process is up to 25% faster. This achieves significant cost savings and also slashes energy consumption by up to 50% and CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

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